Where do I find the jobs available?

Assuming you’ve just started with Procurement Freelancers, i’d suggest that you first create an online background. Because no matter how skilled you’re, you need a stellar record on paper to get the best projects. To do this, you need to identify your skill set (Functionals skills and categories or/and advisory skills) and accordingly display them on your online CV on PFL.

PFL is set up so that you can see jobs depending on your skill, location where you’re based and locations where you can work. This is because if you directly apply for projects without relevant experience, you might as well ruin your reputation in the platform. So as Freelancer there are many ways to find Clients on PFL Marketplace:

• Be invited by clients to send your quote on confidential projects
• Wait for e-mail notifications about newly posted projects
• Be found by clients in the Relevant Experts directory
• Proactively search for projects from local and international clients

Here’s how you can search for jobs?

Click here to see an overview of current jobs

When you are invited, or interested by a job that meets your expertise, you can send your proposal by specifying your rate and a short description of what you can bring to the client on his project (the proposal sent is not public , only the client is able to see your proposal). The more interesting your profil is suitable, the more likely you are to be selected by the Client. This is because if you directly apply for projects without relevant experience, you might as well ruin your reputation in the market.

Don’t send your personal details (phone number, e-mail add etc…) to the client in your proposal. In the next step you will have option to chat with the Client or organize audio / video calls, once the Client decides to contact you. Depending on the * TERMS & CONDITIONS you risk being banished from the platform by sending for personal details.

Leave a proof of your exchanges to allow the PFL Team to settle any minor disputes that may arise between a Client and a Freelancer for issues of authorization of payment from the escrow. When your assignment is completed in accordance with the terms agreed in the contract with your Customer, you can send your invoice at the end and receive your payment.

The advantage through the platform is that you can sign a legal digital contract and the money transfer between the two parties is safe and secure. Also if your profile is good enough, they promote you on their blogs and also work on registering you as a Consultant expert for clients specific projects.