Top Procurement Freelancer Best Practices

Completing your profile not only gives Clients / Organizations the information they need, it also helps PFL to match you with more relevant projects.

Let get started with your Overview…

When someone checks your profile your overview is the first visible part of your profile. As it appears at the top of your profile, it is also an integral part of your marketing. Use it to introduce yourself and your services.

Select a profile photo

It’s important to add profile photo – Clients want to feel that they can trust a freelancer before hiring them for a project and your profile picture is an important part at this step.

All it takes is a nice close-up of your smiling face. Of course, your clothes should also look neat and clean, thus making you look more credible and trustworthy. Clients find smiling freelancers more warm, friendly, and trustworthy.

Now upload your photo and crop the image so you only include your head and the top of your shoulders.

Example: Overview section Crystal L

Example: Overview section Artur F

Showcase your skills

PFL has a list of standardized Procurement Functional Skills and products categories that can help you quickly identify your strengths and connect with relevant projects. These skills also help Clients find you more easily. Select your relevant procurement functional skills and enter your experience in years for each skill.

Enter and select your product categories

PFL has a long list of 2000+ standardized product categories that can help you quickly identify your categories and connect to relevant projects.

You should start by entering a category name in the search field. After a few seconds, the system should suggest you a whole list of categories containing the keywords you have entered.

Please note, if you enter it too quickly, you may not be able to select from the suggested list and your CV would be incomplete in this case.

Once you have a suggestion from the search engine, you select the category or categories relating to the functional skill selected above. Then you should choose the category level (Low, medium, High, Very High) for the selected categories. Here is an example below. You should make sure that all the selected categories appear above the search bar in the Selected Item section.

You may see that clients in your niche look for freelancers by the service they want (i.e. sourcing/categories management, quality control, supplier development…) and specific categories (i.e. Frozen potato yams, Golf bags etc…) rather than the group categories needed (i.e. Food Beverage and Tobacco Products, Cleaning Equipment and Supplies etc…). We therefore advise you to specify your categories and your functional skills. Take note of which sample keywords potential clients include in their project descriptions to help focus your own profile.

Important: Select your categories from the suggested list, and make sure that the selected items appear at the top, then select the skill level.

Specify working languages and Other Country you can work in

In this section of your CV, you should select all the languages that you master professionally. This allows us to contact you as soon as a client searches for someone with your language skills. But this not only essential element to eliminates the barriers in purchases, but gives you a scoring advantage over other freelancers who don’t speak the same language as you for the same project. Your score capital is greater and increases your chances of being contacted by the client.

Your country of residence and your geographical coverage (countries in which you can work) allows PFL to connect you/show you jobs according to your geographical expertise. You should take care to put the right information to match the right project and be the best assessor in your country.

List your certifications

Listing the certifications you’ve earned can help prove your specific knowledge or abilities, particularly if they relate to specific Professional certifications in procurement your clients may look for.

Describe your past working experience

Adding relevant details about your work history can help clients understand your background, both on and off PFL. Freelancing networks PFL encourages online professionals to fill in the
Past working experience section and showcase their knowledge through practical examples.

You can start by adding a brief description of your responsibilities and accomplishments in your previous roles; Pay particular attention to projects that match the type of projects you are currently looking for. It is your chance to prove the points mentioned in the overview, so make sure to sixteen the opportunity.

Set your Daily Rate.
This daily rate is advertised on your profile. It gives an idea to the clients about ‘How much you working with them will cost them’. You can ofcourse lower/ higher your rates when you discuss with your prospective client. Daily rate is dependent on many factors and vastly in different areas of work. You can search on PFL to get an idea of ​​what freelancers in PFL in expertise and similar industries charge.

Then heed these tips to improve your profile and make sure it showcases your experience and expertise in the best light.

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